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Telecom Backup Power System

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Telecom Backup Power System
Compared with a few years ago, there are continues increasing number of communication base stations with the commercialization of 4G/5G services in global operators. And the scope of issuance has been greatly expanded. Therefore, the number of its types and the demand for base station equipment have also greatly increased.

Terminal Power Supply & Small Capacity Site

In WLAN sites, there are usually multiple sites in a room, including terminal sites and small-capacity sites, and our backup power system can be installed on the wall or pole to cover different scenarios and maximize utilized the space.

General Macro Base Station

Indoor macro base stations generally have 2 sets of backup power systems due to their wide coverage. Compared with the disadvantages of traditional lead-acid batteries that are large and heavy, the lithium iron phosphate battery power system occupies a small space and is convenient and quick to expand.

New Energy Base

New energy bases are usually located in remote areas with harsh environments, but there are sufficient wind and solar resources.Due to the frequent charging and discharging of lead-acid batteries in harsh environments, the service life of the batteries will be shortened and the maintenance cost will be high.

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