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Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Lab & Pharma Autoclave Sterilization Equipment

AIKSMED develops and manufactures autoclaves specially designed for laboratory research and pharmaceutical production. We aim to make the process accurate, easy, safe, stable, meanwhile cost-effective and in compliance with cGMP requirement. Autoclaves and sterilizers can be used for laboratory applications, even in the most stringent environment for contamination prevention, eg. the biological safety laboratories(BSL). In pharmaceutical space, AIKSMED can support customers with abundant expertise to enable safe and efficient terminal sterilization of all types loading, such as textile, ampoules & vials injection, syringes, tools, bottles, bags, and more.

Healthcare Sterilization Equipment

More than 20 years' manufacturing experience from infection-control field, AIKSMED is able to offer efficient autoclaves and sterilizers for medical use, such as dental, ophthalmology clinics, stomatology department,otolaryngology department, gynaecology and obstetrics department, operating room and CSSD in hospitals. Cassette autoclaves can reduce cost on instruments and wrapping materials by improving the instruments turnover, prolong service life of instruments, and simplify diagnosis and treatment process. For higher level sterilization requirements, steam sterilizers can reduce cold air influence completely via pulse-vacuum process, AIKSMED can provide you optional sterile treatment.

Supporting Equipment

Supporting Equipment mainly to support the autclave sterilization machine, including steam quality monitor, steam generator, etc.

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