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cassette steam autoclave sterilization machine China

Multi-Cassette Steam Autoclave

2L, 5L, 6L Cassettes

Save Your Time & Space!

laboratory China steam sterilizer autoclave 160L AiksMed

Laboratory Steam Sterilizer

LABH Series Take Smaller Space!

Pulse Vacuum China Steam Sterilizer AIKSMED

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

MDD Hinged Door Series!

Biological &Chemical Indicator Evaluation Resistometer(BIER)AiksMed China

Biological Indicator Evaluation

Fast and Sensative!

herbal  China steam sterilizer autoclave AIKSMED

Herbal Steam Sterilizer

Powder no agglomerate, color no change!

Pulse Vacuum China Steam Sterilizer AlKSMED

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

MDH Series Sliding Door Series!

superheated water cascade ampoule vial China steam sterilizer autoclave AIKSMED

Superheated Water Cascade 
Ampoule Sterilizer

Customized for Liquid Injection Sterilization




AiksMed aims to provide our customers with valuable products that meets your expectations and is regularly reviewed to ensure a commitment to continuous improvement.

Steam Sterilizer autoclave layout

1 Before Sales

According to customer requirements, AiksMed promise quick response to customers' questions!

  • Solution design: view URS document.
  • Quick Calculation: based on room size and capacity needs.
  • Quick Drawing Making: P&ID, Layout, Utility recommendation.
  • Q&A Period: manufacturer's response  to additional questions.
  • Delivery Time: Within 60~120 days to finish production.
Steam Sterilizer autoclave machine


over 20 years focus on steam sterilizer solution and manufacturing

  • Passed ISO:9001:2015 International Quality Management System
  • China National High-tech Enterprise
  • Passed 105 countries national safety certification such as UL, CUL, TUV-GS, CCC, CB, PSE, KC, KCC, SAA, FCC, CE, RoHS, DOE VI, etc
  • AiksMed self-built laboratory provides guarantee for product reliability, stability, security and safety
  • 12 steps quality control flow,especially 100% loading aging testing and 100% OQC testing
Steam Sterilizer autoclave


Completed Automatic production equipments and supply chain supporting facilities

  • AiksMed Self-built Industrial Park: 12,000 square meters of workshops, integrating Supply Chain, Laboratory, R&D, Manufacture and Sales.
  • Jiangsu Factory: mainly manufacture steam sterilizer and small laboratory sterilizer with competitive price
Steam Sterilizer autoclave office


Completed Automatic production equipments and supply chain supporting facilities

  • Free lifelong consulting service
  • Free solution design
  • Free solutions for product matching problem
  • Provide OEM
  • Warehouse Stock products shipped within 48hours
  • Warranty: first years for replacement, second years for mantainance
Featured Product

Celer 2000/5000/6000 Cassette Autoclave

  • Innovative design of dual cassettes.

  • Independent operation for each cassette

  • Saving space by 50%

  • Sound ergonomic design for medical use

  • Smart network to trace data anytime.

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Featured Product

Laboratory Steam Sterilizer

  • Compact structure specially developped for laborarory.

  • Air inlet and exhaust security.

  • Heating-up and cooling faster by 30%.

  • Zero pressure & low temperature discharge.

  • Condensate inactivated after sterilization.

  • Bio-safety partition.

  • Environmental friendly for reducing utility consumption.

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We are committed to developping sterilization equipment.


AIKSMED is a distinguished expert in the field of sterilizer and autoclave manufacturing, boasting a legacy of over 30 years of industry expertise. Our commitment to innovation, continuous research and development, and a customer-centric approach have positioned AIKSMED as a global leader in providing advanced sterilization solutions.

Evolution and Expansion:
With a foundation built on decades of experience, AIKSMED has expanded its product range beyond sterilizers and autoclaves. Our offerings now encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Washing Machines, Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometers (BIER/CIER), Automatic Steam Quality Monitors, and Temperature and Pressure Validation Systems. This expansion allows us to provide integrated services for sterilizer machine upgrading and validation.

Welcome to AIKSMED:
At AIKSMED, we invite you to explore a world of advanced sterilization and infection control solutions. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a customer-focused approach, makes AIKSMED your trusted partner for all sterilization needs. Discover more and find superior solutions at AIKSMED!

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We are committed to developping and manufacturing more effcient and reliable sterilization equipment.







AIKSMED Solutions and Services
We are committed to developping and manufacturing more effcient and reliable sterilization equipment.
Cassette Autoclaves Apparatus Instruments

Cassette Steam Autoclave

Rapid Steam Sterilization of Dental, Eyes Surgical Instruments

Laboratory Steam Sterilization autoclave

Laboratory Steam Sterilizer

Horizontal Door Sterilization of Textiles, Tools and Liquids


BIER / CIER Test Equipment

Biological & Chemical Indicator Evaluation Resistometer

Sterilization Autoclave Sterilizer AIKSMED

Pulse-vacuum Sterilizer

Steam Sterilization of Fabrics, Rubbers, Alu Caps, Liquids Solutions

News & FAQ
We are committed to developping and manufacturing more effcient and reliable sterilization equipment.
  • Can we use Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometer(BIER) to test our biological indicator?
    Are Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometer(BIER) and Steam Sterilizer Autoclave the same?
    What is the purpose of the Steam BIER system?

    The Steam BIER system is designed to provide reproducible reference environmental conditions for evaluating the resistance of microbial populations to steam sterilization.
    How does the Steam BIER system work?
    The system incorporates a dynamic air removal system with a leak detection system to ensure the removal of air from the test system. It then undergoes rapid pressurization with steam to achieve preset sterilization temperatures. After exposure, the chamber is rapidly depressurized to atmospheric pressure.

    What is the significance of the Pre-vacuum Flush and Gravity cycles programmed in Steam BIER units?
    The Pre-vacuum Flush and Gravity cycles are likely programmed to simulate different sterilization conditions. Pre-vacuum flush involves removing air from the chamber before introducing steam, while Gravity cycles rely on the natural downward flow of steam.

    How is the BIER system used in quality control for sterilization processes?
    The BIER system serves as a tool for quality control by providing a controlled environment to assess the effectiveness of steam sterilization. It helps evaluate the resistance of biological or chemical indicators to ensure proper sterilization conditions are achieved.

    Are there specific guidelines or standards for using the Steam BIER system?
    China GB 24628-2009/ISO 18472:2006, IDT  
    Sterilization of health care products—Biological and chemical indicators—Test equipment
    China GB 18282.4—2009/ISO 11140-4:2007, IDT  
    Sterilization of health care products—Chemical indicators—Part 4:Class 2 indicators as an alternative to the Bowie and Dick-type test for detection of steam penetration

    What are the advantages of using the Steam BIER system in comparison to traditional methods of assessing sterilization efficacy?
    The advantages may include improved reproducibility, controlled testing conditions, and the ability to assess the resistance of indicators to steam sterilization in a standardized manner.
    Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometer steam sterilizing
    BIER CIER steam sterilizing
    Dec 26,2023
  • Q: Regarding ampoule injection, How to choose between steam sterilizer and superheat water autoclave
    You can find out how to choose between steam sterilizer and superheated water autoclave.

    Firstly these two kinds of autoclave sterilization machines got their own advantages on heating-up speed and cooling, uniform thermal distribution, and etc. But It mainly depends on the loads packing material and size, if glass ampoule, and size is 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, we recommend steam sterilization with advantage of fast heating-up and less cost on utility consumption. However, if the container size over 10ml, then superheated water cascade sterilizer is more appropriate to reduce the broken rate after sterilizing, with advantage of regular heating-up, but it costs more on utility consumption and budget. Customer needs to consider based on own situations and long term operation.

    Dec 13,2023
  • Q: Is it possible for our autoclave and sterilizers idle for years to restart?
    This reply provides insight into the possibility of restarting autoclaves and sterilizers that have been idle for many years.

    Autoclaves and sterilizers are designed to be robust pieces of equipment, but if they have been idle for an extended period, restarting them may pose some challenges. 

    Here are some considerations:   

    Inspection and Maintenance:

    Before attempting to restart autoclaves and sterilizers that have been idle for an extended period, perform a thorough inspection. Check for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear. Ensure that all components, including seals and gaskets, are in good condition.    

    Manufacturer's Guidelines:

    Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and user manuals for specific instructions on restarting the autoclave or sterilizer. The manufacturer's recommendations are crucial for ensuring proper operation and safety.   

    Calibration and Validation:

    Calibrate the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications. Additionally, validate the autoclave's performance to ensure that it meets the required sterilization standards. This may involve running test cycles with biological indicators and monitoring temperature, pressure, and other critical parameters.    

    Fluids and Lubrication: 

    Check and replace any fluids or lubricants that may have degraded over time. Lubricate moving parts as necessary to ensure smooth operation.    

    Electrical Components: 

    Inspect electrical components, such as wiring and control systems, for any signs of damage or wear. Ensure that the electrical connections are secure.    

    Training and Documentation: 

    Ensure that personnel responsible for operating the autoclave or sterilizer are trained on its proper use and maintenance. Update or review documentation, including standard operating procedures (SOPs), as needed.    

    Regulatory Compliance: 

    Ensure that the autoclave or sterilizer complies with any applicable regulations and standards. This may involve consulting with regulatory authorities or third-party certification organizations.    

    Run Test Cycles: 

    Before using the autoclave for actual sterilization purposes, run test cycles with load simulators or non-critical items to verify its functionality and to ensure that it achieves the required sterilization conditions.    

    Consult with Service Professionals: 

    If in doubt or if there are significant concerns, consider consulting with the equipment manufacturer or a qualified service professional for a thorough inspection and any necessary repairs.Restarting an autoclave or sterilizer after a prolonged period of inactivity requires careful attention to ensure safety, efficacy, and compliance with regulatory standards. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines, and consider seeking professional assistance if needed.

    Dec 26,2023
  • Q: How can I get the quote for I.V solution autoclaves?
    Through this answer, you can learn more about the process of our product quotation

    To match your production capacity and recommend accurate autoclave chamber volume, firstly we need to know your daily output, I.V fluid packing material, shape(bottle or bag), size(with drawing), then we calcualte according to that. Besides, URS(User Requirement Specification) document is preferred.

    Dec 13,2023
  • Q: What's the lead time of cassette autoclave?
    Through this reply you can find out how our delivery time is handled.

    Firstly it depends on the order quantity, if less than 5 sets, the cassette autoclave can be ready for delivery within 7 working days as we have enough stock and standard part for assembly.

    then the lead time taks two weeks if order 5~10 sets, three weeks if 10~15 sets, 30 working days of 20~30 days.

    And if there is special orders, eg. Electricity is 110V, AIKSMED needs to prepare special electric components, it takes from 7 to 30 days according to supplier's situation. So please contact with our sales managers for your specific requirement.

    If the distributors got warehouse in the local place, inventory can be an excellent way to improve your service, and AIKSMED can support our distributors any time!

    And regarding to the transport, AIKSMED can arrange all kinds of transport, including seaway, railway, air, highway. 

    the cassette autoclave can be ready for delivery within 7 working days as we have enough stock and standard part for assembly, but if there is special orders, eg. Electricity is 110V, AIKSMED needs to prepare special components, it will take from 7 to 30 days. Contact if any questions!

    Dec 13,2023
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, requests, or need to consult. We'd love to hear from you.
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