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Sophisticated Design

The design and manufacture of chamber conforms to the following regulations and standards:

China Standard:

Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulations, Special Equipment Manufacturing License of the People's Republic of China

European Standard:

2014/68/EU New Pressure Equipment Directive

American Standard:

ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1.

autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule steam superheated water

Our Chamber

AIKSMED autoclave and sterilizer chamber design pressure: 0.3MPa, the machines own safer and wider range of working temperature,

max allowable temperature can reach 138℃.

They can be used for altitude up to 4000 meters!

autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule superheated water

Chamber Drainage

Four sided V-shaped chamber base design, excellent drainage performance.
Wide filtering area with compact structure, not easy to be blocked, convenient to take apart and clean.
autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule chamber
autoclave steriliztion steam machine ampoule chamber

Door Processing & Safety Interlock

It is processed from a whole plate (see below pic.), thickness is 30mm, material is SUS304, the pressure bearing capacity is strong, with safer factor, and it will never be deformed. The surface of board is processed by milling machine, to ensure flatness, meanwhile sealing performance of doors are guaranteed.
autoclave steriliztion machine door rack
autoclave steriliztion machine door rack

Our Piping

Pipe welding adopts automatic pipe welding machine,Single-sided welding and double-sided forming process, the internal and external welding seams are uniform and smooth, and there is no welding slag residue, it can meet the food-grade process requirements.
autoclave steriliztion machine piping
autoclave steriliztion machine superheated water piping

Our Control System

AIKSMED autoclave and sterilizer control system allows access to the user’s on-site control system (such as SCADA system)to complete functions such as data reading, workshop centralized control, remote control, and MES system data docking, enabling automation and informatization to complete the integration and intercommunication, realizing communication of industry 4.0.
Intelligent fault alarm and information prompt system, providing nearly 100 different levels of alarm and prompt information, (high-level alarm information directly shuts down, low-level alarm prompt information requires the user to confirm the shutdown, and the general prompt information is selected by the user. What kind of operation), the user can quickly find the problem according to the alarm or prompt information, resume production or carry out maintenance in time, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.
autoclave steriliztion machine control system
autoclave steriliztion machine control system
autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule vial superheated water steam

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