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What To Be Sterilized?

Liquid dosage is very common in the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical industry.Glass ampoules, plastic ampoules(called BFS containers) are perhaps the most essential liquid injection packaging forms, also there are eye drop products, etc.
sterilization autoclave ampoule
 autoclave steriliztion oral liquid
autoclave steriliztion vial
autoclave steriliztion eye drops
autoclave steriliztion PFS

Why Superheated Water?

To reduce heat impact on plastic package and liquid inside the containers, superheated water is preferred as sterilizing medium, due to its mild way of heating-up and cooling down, more stable performance during sterilizing stage,and more extensive temperature range(80℃~126℃).
superheated water autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule PID

Working Curves

Time for heat,sterilize, cool stage will vary based on different loading.
superheated water autoclave steriliztion machine curve

Loading Methods

For better thermal penetration and loading convenience,AIKSMED can design the cassette, inner cart, outer trolley for specific manufacturing process.
autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule cassette

Glass Ampoule Cassette

autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule cassette

Plastic Ampoule Cassette

autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule cart trolley

Loading Cart

autoclave steriliztion machine glass ampoule via cassette

Loading Cart

Cycle Requirements

To match own manufacturing process, Customers can have more options for cycles, AIKSMED can design according to the specific requirements:

Sterilize+Ampoule Leak Test

Sterilize+Ampoule Leak Test


Ampoule Leak Test

URS(User Requirement Specification)

User Requirement Specification:

URS document is the foundation of project documentation system, it is also is the basis of acceptable standards for designing and approving the system.

To match specific requirements like technology, control systems, cycles, installation, and etc, customers are recommend to provide URS document in advance for reference.

AIKSMED will respond to the requirements and provide solutions based upon it.

autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule PFS
NO.URSManufacturer’s Response
URS01Requirements of Equipment's Technology and Property
URS02Safety Requirements
URS03Requirements of Installation Area and Position
URS04Installation Environment Requirements
URS05Power Requirements
URS06Requirements of Facilities and Utilities
URS07Requirements of Appearance and Material
URS08Technology Requirements
URS09Requirements of the Control System
URS10Instrument Requirements
URS11Cleaning Requirements
URS12Lubricant requirements
URS13Documentation requirements
URS14Requirements of Facilities and Utilities
URS15Equipment's Transport Requirements
URS16Checking and Verification Requirements
URS17Service and Maintenance Requirements
URS18Verification of Supplier's Requirements on the Project
autoclave steriliztion machine ampoule PFS

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