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Q: What is FAT and SAT?

Q: What is FAT and SAT?

Update Time:2023/12/26

FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) are two phases of the equipment validation process commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. 

These tests help ensure that sterilizers and autoclaves equipment meets the specified requirements and functions correctly within its intended environment.

FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing):

Conducted at the manufacturer's facility. 

Ensures that the equipment meets design specifications and functions according to agreed-upon criteria.Identifies and addresses issues before shipping the equipment to the customer.

SAT (Site Acceptance Testing):

Conducted at the customer's site after equipment installation.Ensures that the equipment continues to meet specified requirements within its intended operating environment.Addresses site-specific factors and verifies that the equipment operates correctly in its final location.

Both FAT and SAT are critical steps in the validation and commissioning process to ensure that equipment performs as intended and meets the user's requirements. The testing procedures and acceptance criteria for FAT and SAT are typically detailed in the project documentation and quality assurance plans.

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