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What are the sterilization requirements for BSL-3 laboratories?

What are the sterilization requirements for BSL-3 laboratories?

Aug 3,2022

According to GBl9489-2008: General Bio-safety Requirements for Laboratory in China, high-pressure steam sterilizer or other disinfection device that does not discharge steam should be installed in the core area of BSL-3 laboratory. All waste in the BSL-3 laboratory must be sterilized before being passed out. Air discharged from the laboratory must be filtered and sterile before it can be recirculated.


When high-risk microorganisms are sterilized, the condensed water produced in pressured chamber, and the air to be discharged are polluted. It is the highest safety level required for autoclave sterilization machine.


AKS-LABH series Bio-safety Laboratory Steam Sterilizers can collect condensed water in the sterilization stage, and then sterilize it before discharge. The temperature of condensate is continuously monitored to ensure safety and reliability of entire sterilization process, while the exhaust air is sterilized through a filter, which can automatically perform sterilization in place(SIP).


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