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Multi-Cassette Autoclave at Russian Health Week Fair

Multi-Cassette Autoclave at Russian Health Week Fair

Dec 9,2022
Muti-Cassette Autoclave at Russian Health Week Exhibition
Multi-Cassette Autoclave Dental
Multi-Cassette Autoclave Ophthalmology
Multi-Cassette Autoclave mainly used for sterilization of 
Dental, Ophthalmic, and Gynecological Instruments, Endoscope and other small Surgical Instruments.

AIKSMED is an expert manufacturer of autoclaves sterilization machines, 
ranging from Cassette Autoclaves for dental &ophthalmology clinics, 
Laboratory Steam Sterilizers for research organizations, 
Saturated Steam Sterilizers for garments, tools,  and 
Superheated Water Cascade Sterilizers for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. 
Based upon more than 30 years' experience in the autoclave manufacturing field, 
AIKSMED takes advantage of R&D in technology, to improve gradually the sterilizing solutions, 
meanwhile developing washing and disinfection solutions for our customers. 
Nowadays AIKESMED products range is not limited to sterilizers and autoclaves, 
but also includes Washing Machines, Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometers (BIER/CIER), 
Automatic Steam Quality Monitors, Temperature & Pressure Validation System, thus, 
AIKSMED can provide sterilizer machine upgrading and 
validation service.Motive lies in our passion on sterilization innovation.
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